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Are you looking for Dpf Cleaning for your vehicle?

Every filter, in a car, needs to be emptied routinely to lessen its environmental impact as well enhance its driving performance. Same applies to Diesel Particulate Filter or simply DPF. DPF captures exhaust soot to decrease emission from diesel cars, and this process of cleaning or emptying a Diesel Particulate Filter is called DPF Regeneration. Moreover, with a faulty DPF, you can even fail the MOT test.

How does a DPF work?

Soot generated by the combustion which is stored in the filter is burnt off to ensure that filter does not get blocked and continue its action of capturing more soot. Diesel Particulate Filter is required to be heated at high temperature to burn off the soot. Passive generation and Active generation are those methods through which the DPF regeneration can be conducted.

Passive Regeneration

Passive self-regeneration is very lucid and does not have a major impact on the vehicle’s performance or the unit’s operation. However, car owners can become aware in case this passive regeneration cycle has been activated if the exhaust temperature warning light gives a signal that exhaust temperature has reached higher temperature than the normal or a message of the same or both.

Active Regeneration

For car owners who do not go for a long journey, active regeneration is activated when soot reaches to a certain standard (mostly 45%). In such cases, where the car is not travelling at high speeds, the exhaust system gets heated enough to burn off the soot, stored in the DPF.

Also, when problems occur with the DPF filter, demanding manual regeneration, this process is carried out in the workshop. With our service computer, we process the vehicle to start the regeneration process and then make the car run with load. Sufficient heat must be generated to complete the regeneration process.

However, over time the DPF can wear out where a replacement becomes necessary. We offer replacement of DPF for wide many diesel cars.

We begin our DPF services with initial DPF diagnosis, and after DPF cleaning or Carbon engine cleaning methods are conducted.

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