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Are you looking for Power steering fluid change for your vehicle?

The steering is one of the most essential and crucial car components that provide drivers with the ability to safely manoeuvre during driving. It is the unison of an accurate steering system, steering parts and wheel alignment that accounts for an optimal driving experience.

As steering is the decisive component in a vehicle, responsible for a quick, smooth and safe driving, the slightest problem in the functionaries can cause massive safety issues. That is why a professional check-up is imperative in case of any steering–related malfunctions.

In such cases, One Stop Auto Centre comes into assistance. We are one of the leading auto garages in the region, capable of providing extensive vehicle-related services, products and necessary repairs. Our team is highly trained to detect even the minute issues and can provide first-rate services.

Design of a steering system

The steering system has four major units. These are,

  • Steering wheel,
  • Steering column,
  • Steering linkage,
  • Power Steering.

Major steering parts

To achieve an optimal handling, steering system and various steering parts need to function efficiently. Some of the major steering parts are,

  • Steering box
  • Gasket
  • Steering boots
  • Power steering pump
  • Track rods
  • Track rods end
  • Steering angle sensors
  • Inner tie rod
  • Pulley, power steering pump
  • Central rod assembly
  • Electric power steering and steering column etc.

As most steering parts cannot be repaired, it is mandatory to replace them with new ones. Our car-facility stocks top-quality steering parts so that you can get back to the road as early as possible.

Signs of malfunctioning steering

If you experience or hear the signs discussed below, you should contact a reliable garage like us for effective service, assistance and guide.

  • Trouble in turning wheel
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Looseness in steering wheel
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Screeching noise on turning the wheel
  • Discoloured power steering wheel

For more information on steering and steering-related issues, please visit One Stop Auto Centre today!

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